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This section shows potential distributors or resellers who are looking for products to deal with the advantages of Embedded products, that are our main products, as well as how Uniwell benefits your business. It also shows potential users of POS systems how our Embedded products will satisfy your needs.


Embedded Returns


There are many flooded POS basing on PC and tablet nowadays in the market. However, now again trend looks like returning to Embedded system to pursue easy to use, quick to operate, stable and secured system. Particularly, many personal information, such as credit card number and passwords, were stolen by accessing PC POS. See consumer electronics around you - mobile phones, smart phones, HDD recorders, navigation systems, video games, etc. All of these are Embedded system with updated PC technology powerful CPU, realtime OS, Ethernet connection. It is not necessarily PC, but it suffices if it can do the job and satisfy your requirements. The same thing can be said about POS - not necessarily PC, but can be Embedded. Needless to say, this trend can be clearly recognized when you see now more mobile devices (Android devices, iPhone/iPad, etc.) are sold than PC! In fact, our flag ship machine, HX series, is using ARM plat from, same as those mobile devices are.  

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Uniwell HX-2500-PRD













 NEW Uniwell touch screen POS HX-6500





Sam4s NR-520B Cash Register



OPTiMAS ER-800 Cash register



OPTiMAS ER-300 Cash register










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