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Uniwell HX-4500 Touch Screen Cash Register

With the features/capabilities of PC-POS architecture, "Hybrid" HX-4500 is your first answer because much more than just embedded system with a 15" bezel-free touch screen basing upon over 35 years of trust and experience. Feel the innovation in technology; the HX-4500 is a new generation POS terminal with a true-flat touch screen that is a combination of the advantage of Embedded POS and PC POS technology.





Proprietary software and hardware with solid-state technology (No moving parts, No Hard Disk, No fan) offers reliability and stability of Embedded system.

As advantages of Embedded POS, HX-4500 offers speedy operation as well as instant power on/off without waiting for some minutes for OS to boot/finish, Robust system secure from virus attack and hacking, No aged deterioration of machine performance - Everlasting quick and light performance as good as new, swift and stress-free support by Remote Access/Remote Maintenance function.


HX-4500 Features

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