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Uniwell touch screen POS HX-6500


HX-5500, Compact and slim bezel-free capasitive touch screen POS


The new HX-5500 is the latest addition to our popular HX series of POS terminals, designed to empower your business with technology based on Uniwell's 40 years of POS development experience.


Compact design

Designed thinner, lighter and simpler than ever!

New capacitive touch Panel 15.6”

Bezel free capacitive touch screen with anti-glare surface.

Fully compatible with other HX-series

Robust and trustable as before.

With the features/capabilities of PC POS architecture, all-in-one embedded POS terminal offers superior reliability and security.

Proprietary software and hardware with solid-state technology (No moving parts, No Hard Disk, No fan) offers reliability and stability of Embedded system.
As advantages of Embedded POS, HX-5500 offers speedy operation as well as instant power on/off without waiting for some minutes for OS to boot/finish, Robust system secure from virus attack and hacking, No aged deterioration of machine performance - Everlasting quick and light performance as good as new, swift and stress-free support by Remote Access/Remote Maintenance function.

You will enjoy easier and precise operation with newly mounted capacitive panel with anti-glare surface which does not react with foreign substance like water drop or insects also less eye tiredness from long time operation.

Feel the innovation of HX-5500 of its slim and compact design with 15.6 wide Display and high quality software within.

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HX-5500 Features

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Option: POS stand Arm
Option: Customer LCD display
DP101A-U (USB/10.1 inch TFT display) 


Versatile mounting options: counter or pole (dealer option).
(HX-5500 has VESA Mounting Interface Standard MIS-D75, 75 mm X 75 mm, M4)


Compact & small footprint

Well positioned I/O ports and smart cabling through the POS stand