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Casio SE-S10





The SE-S10 smart cash register combines convenience in setup and day-to-day operation with deluxe features such as a customer-friendly rear display and antimicrobial keyboard. This stylish, compact register suits any retail environment.


  • Thermal printer with 58mm wide paper
  • HELP key
  • Drop-in paper loading mechanism
  • Rear display for customer viewing
  • Antimicrobial keyboard (SIAA ISO22196)
  • Environmental design and eco-product specifications*1 *2


Helpful keys




The PAPER SAVING key is to save printing paper (journal compressed printing / no receipt issuance). When the paper saving feature is used, an asterisk appears on the operator display.



Receipts can be issued after transaction finalization when the register is configured to print receipts and the paper saving mode is selected.


  • Help

The HELP key is used for issuing assistance notes for frequently asked questions such as how to program date and time or how to install paper.



  • Drop-in paper loading